Karachi, November 15, 2016: Mr. Abdulrahman Rafiq, Founder & Managing Director, Paksef along with Mr. Shahid Sayeed Khan C.E.O., Indus Earth Trust, signed a Memorandum of Understanding whereby Paksef (the Pakistan Science and Engineering Foundation) will support Indus Earth Trust as a fiscal sponsor  with fundraising and select promotional activities in the United States.

Indus Earth Trust (IET) is a non for profit organisation, whose motto is “Development with banner4Dignity” and working in the area of sustainable development. Established in 2000 to aid neglected coastal communities in Pakistan, IET realised the impossibility of pin pointing a single issue hindering development.

IET’s approach to planned interventions has thus been of Integrated DevelopmentIET projects target the main underlying issues affecting these communities under the six program areas of

  • Livelihood, Employment, Enterprise Development Program and Livelihood Support Infrastructure
  • Water and Community Physical Infrastructure
  • Alternative Energy Solutions
  • Indigenous Housing Systems
  • Food Security
  • Drought Mitigation and Adaptation
  • Sanitation

Tackling these program areas simultaneously uplifts and benefits communities in a holistic manner. It is our belief that this methodology results in a visible, long lasting and sustainable change.

As a fiscal sponsor Paksef intends to support IET with fundraising and promotion in the United States. To learn more about the Indus Earth Trust visit or to donate to IET click here.

Under it’s motto of “Service through Innovation”, Paksef, or the Pakistan Science and Engineering Foundation, maintains a global outlook and global reach while working to serve & support humanity using cutting-edge technologies, innovative ideas, and a team that is rooted in the communities they serve.

Paksef was founded in June of 2002 in Silicon Valley but has since expanded to include some of the most prominent social and social media activists on the ground in Pakistan. Starting with a mission to serve the scientific and technical community of Pakistan by acting as a advocacy group for the academic community Paksef rapidly expanded its focus on the possibilities of leveraging innovative technologies directly in the service of humanity. Beginning with the Paksef team’s SA Relief initiative that got off the ground after the India-Pakistan Earthquake in 2005.

Additionally Paksef has supported causes such as Code for Pakistan, SITARA (an IT awareness and training initiative in rural Sindh) and fundraising efforts in such places as Chicago and Silicon Valley (for details visit

The Pakistan Science and Engineering Foundation, is a California non-profit corporation registered under section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue code. To learn more visit

Funds are being collected on behald of Indus Earth Trust by the Pakistan Science and Engineering Foundation (Paksef), a California not-for-profit corporation registered under section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue code with EIN# 20-2950808.
All contributions are 50% tax-deductible.